Shamanic healing and painting

What is intuitive art making?

Intuitive painting is a technique that is designed to assist and relieve the human thinking from the usual concepts of art, to trust himself and his ability to create happy emotional release and deep healing.

The technique leads to a process of simply creating and connecting to the inner child that is happy all the time. A happy child, that is not veteran of social conditions and intellectual disabilities

This technique can create a simple way to conduct a dialogue without words with the unconscious and to create a place close to the core of the original creation source from which all inspiration started actually.

Intuitive painting workshops (collaborative paintings) participants are instructed to attend and listen to the sound, music, breathing, and listening to your internal rhythm and color, while in a meditation state of lucid dreaming, entering a state of dream time.

The workshop will be an opportunity to connect to you core and to create from an authentic way and hold everyone together in a frequency of love.

A little background about the term ‘ lucid dream, dreamtime’

People also called dream-journey, a lucid dream.

In which we can send our consciousness to a dream, or astral traveling and bring it back, healing power or wisdom necessary for “normal reality”.

What is this term trip? Where are we traveling to?

Changing our state of consciousness and brings consciousness to another. Some perceive it as an inner sphere – the subconscious world and some perceive it as a separate reality.

Sometimes, intuitive painting can open us up to a dream time state of mind.