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This web site is intended to introduce our activities and present our art project journey - “people painting”.

Our project is a documentation of a journey that includes a series of community art workshops in the spirit of intuitive art and painting. The creative workshops are an encounter between human resources and back to the man and his environment that surrounds him. Together we will create a deep dialogue through the canvas and try to connect outside the familiar limitations of cultures and dialogue.

This is a traveling art- journey that takes place at sensitive and not so sensitive points of conflict, public places like public parks or a big central avenue in the middle of a big city and actually anywhere we feel inspired to place a canvas and paint whit people, in Israel and around the world. We believe in the power that art holds, with no words and no hate and by that, it allows us to connect to the middle ground between us all.

“a dream you dream alone is only a dream. a dream you dream together is realty”

John Lennon