Jerusalem, what else is there to say about you

Community art workshop at Abraham hostel, Jerusalem 17.04.15.

I can never really plane how the art workshop will go along.

Mostly because this is intuitive art.

In my mind I picture the experience just like walking into a mysteries forest and in this forest you do not know what or hum you will encounter along your path.

Although i really try to keep everything under control. But nothing is ever under control!?

Especially intuitive art created in a public and open space whit people you don’t know.

I think for me this journey is a lesson of letting go and releasing control. It’s not so easy but I do my best.

The people I encounter in this mysteries, magical forest of intuitive art help me out.

Thank you Ronen Labovich, Inbal Timor, Brite star and Shir alony for these beautiful pictures you took of us.

This intuitive painting workshop was held at Ha-Davidka square next to the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem.