Welcome to join us

contribution for the project

This project is done voluntarily and is run by individual’s whit no financial support. We do not gain a financial profit from these activities.

Our main goal is to continue to create art whit people.

We wish to continue roaming and creating sacred spaces for people to be able to contact with others throw art and painting.

So what do we need to continue creating? 

  • paints & supplies such as water based colors, paper, canvases, and glitter. fabrics, paint brushes or any other creating supplies.
  • transportation so we could get to the workshops. such as a big car or fuel so we can travel whit our supplies.
  • filming equipment, video camera so we can edit the recorded materials. we would be happy to cooperate whit any public or private person interested in filming or editing our project.
  • You are invited to make suggestions, 
    we are open to hear any person who wants to contribute or join us.