live art show

Suddenly, but after a long process it happened! 24.11.16

We found a location and people who wanted to join and together we created an interactive art exhibition.

In the exhibition the paintings we created whit different people were presented and admired.

It was very emotional and exciting for me.

This was not a regular art show, it was an opportunity and a invitation for people to create the rest of the art for the show.

It was a live interactive community art show.

I want to say thank you to the ‘Abraham Hostel‘ in Telaviv for facilitating and allowing us to use there basement to host this exhibition.

Dafna Hillel for helping produce this event.

Oren Meron for assembling and solving complex problems we encountered.

Ronen Labovich for all the art and the patience for making this dream come to life.

link to the event on facebook:

live art show at the Abraham hostel tel-aviv on the 24-26.11.16 >>