Our journey begins

We begin our community arts workshop at Juha's Guesthouse in Jisr az Zaqra

 “Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there” – Rumi

Our journey started, that’s what it looks like and how it feels.

We met on Saturday, a team of several people, Adi Saraya Bash and Ronen Labovich and Shir Alony – photographer, who came to help us with the filming and collect us.


Britney, an artist and a therapist, from Australia , who lives in Israel. Itay How wanted to come and join us, because he wanted to finish his wooden sculpture. Itay and Britney are living in an artist commune in Benyamina.


A few weeks ago, I was at the music jam of Jews and Arabs in Al Zarqa, at hostel Guha out there, I have a crush on the place and the atmosphere that prevails there at ihodim.

As soon as I went to feast the owner Ahmad’s name and I told him that I want to create free work space and workshop for the promotion of the workshop and the documentary “people of the painters.

He immediately agreed, I was very impressed with their openness to new things of Ahmed and something that really represents the place which he established in Al Zarqa Gisser.

So we came on Saturday and created a work as planned. When we arrived at first, people didn’t go with us.

I personally felt a bit like I’m talking to the wall.

I turned to passers-by and invited them to come to us with a smile, but I got mostly a lot of looks, being a little overwhelmed, but not all day. They see a woman, 180צבעונית, also they may not completely understand what I want from life.

With me for joining us, explained something I didn’t understand I guess. He explained to me that the people who live there, are not used to this strange painting them so no ‘ flow ‘.

It’s a little weird for me, but when I wanted to go on this journey alone, I wanted to step out of “my own bubble” and explore and interact with a wide range of various other people, different from me.

It happens to a lot of artists, they want to withdraw, create alone inside the safe and quiet studio.

But I want to get out of the “cave” into a not safe public space.

The diagnosed was a success, because I was able to get out of my own inner borders, into unfamiliar areas.

Those who joined were mostly full of adorable children, some lucky children in the world, who keep the innocence’s alive in our world.

Joe met a lot of people and was the most colorful.

Here are some pictures from the trip, hostel experience.