Our journey continues

Community art workshop at Cana Inn on the 13/03/15

Our journey continues as we fly on the waves of dream time.

This time we came to a new hostel at Cana village – Cana Inn. 

The planning of a workshop is very complex and can change all the time. This project is a non-profit and we have no budget.This time I didn’t know if we have a car to get to Cana village at all.

So a day before I prayed.

In my prayer I asked the universe for help, timing andsynchronization that will help us get on the road to Cana Inn for the community art workshop and for everything to take place as planned. I also asked for healing for all the people that wish to come and create together with us and I asked for the healing of the earth- mother earth, as well. From that place of connection and deep meditating I started to cry.

I cried because I felt the deep connection to the earth and I felt the relief and healing that comes from the connecting of hart’s that happens when people join and create together. That made me very happy and proud to be a part of this deep healing.

For me and for all the people that come to enjoy and to draw, make art and dream whit us.