Outdoor workshops – ODT

Orientations and activities challenges workshops (ODT).

Team-building activities in nature – O.D.T

Workshops, that allow strengthening social ties and helps builds a close communication for people who work together.

The activity provides wonderful tools to work within a time and space and allows you to test different ways of thinking and action in the framework of the common everyday averment.

This workshop will touch you, where conflicts between social and professional environments in your workplace and look at ways, in which you can synchronize forest games, and shared work activity.

The workshop includes debates and awareness, raising your interpersonal and group processes. There will be sharing circles and guided meditations, using intuitive drawing, sculpting, rope activities and challenges, to stimulate and encourage the group to establish a connection and communication between the participants.

The workshop recommended location, is in nature or an environment extreme nature.

Who is this workshop meant for?

The workshop is suitable for a fun activity, for companies, workshops, executive leadership, ODT, and family trips.