what is intuitive art

What is intuitive art?

So what is this “dribbling” about?

The Project “people painting” is a documented journey of people who paint together.

The art workshops will take place in public spaces through various conflict areas, meeting people that never talked or do not want to talk and together we will create a deep discussion through the connecting point, which will be the canvas and paintings.

We will create an “open art studio” and invite people and passers-by to come inside and create together. This “open art studio” will roam between different locations and it will be like a road map, to another way of communication.

At the end of this journey, we will focus on all of the works of art that we created together and present them in a community art exhibition that will be open to the public.

What is the idea behind the project?

The project touches a sensitive stomach of Israel’s culture, of today’s “invasion” ‘ public space ,key centers, in Israel in 2015, but not politics – only people who paint.

One of the important ideas behind the creating this  is to present art as healing and creativity as a key to communication, that brings people together across time or space and creating a portal to a place of dream time.

We do not plan to discuss the security situation in Israel, the road map, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the economy, housing prices, or when peace will come? We will not talk about the milk price or withdrawal from the occupied territories!

“People painting” overall, is to show the power of art that speaks to the heart, without words and what happens after people simply connect a heartfelt dialogue. Art, as it is presented today, has become something which is detached from itself and is a Imitation of itself, not connected to the core of the authentic source.

The power of the art has been disconnected from us and cut off from us all.

The project will document the journey back home. The home we all lost and are hoping we can find the way back to and connect to the root of the creative sources.