Painting workshops

Isn't it time to decorate your Office?

The workshop is intended for all those who love to paint and draw and those who never held a paintbrush in their life. Intuitive painting is a technique that can be used to connect to the person who paints, to encourage dialogue and it strengthens their Intuition. The practice is performed in a group, using the group atmosphere, which is supported by every participant, who will receive personal attention and support. The team creates a special atmosphere and space allowing participants to open up.

The workshop

Gathering all the participants together, we will be viewing the topic of the workshop and the workshop in terms of schedule, etc.

We will have a talk about the theme of creativity, inspiration and painting intuitive.

After the talk is given, we will have training and technical explanation about the materials and techniques used to draw.

During the workshop we will create together and separately. Through the workshop, we will be able to create together a cooperative multiplayer drawing.

In the workshop, we will touch base, in places of communication and working together as a team.

The workshop gives a lot happier, space adventure for release and relaxed feelings, like being stuck or (joy, sadness, and so annoying).

The teamwork and the kind of cooperative opportunity learns about working together and the other through the joint work, to create a close and open interaction within the team that can even resolve situations, that are not harmonic.

Powerful experiences, that will keep you full for the experience itself. Then you will be able to hang the pieces, as a souvenir of the event.

Who is the workshop meant for?

Companies – creative activities for company or fun days in nature or Office.

You will be able to integrate your logo/branding as graphic element in paintings or in the workshop.

The workshop is designed for groups, special family occasions, bachelorette parties, Bachelor Parties, cocktail parties or any group event, because we think about you.

The workshop includes fine fabrics and colors and other surprises, which is surprising creativity.

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